Use Mailersend to Send Outbound Emails in Odoo

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Successful email marketing relies on the consistent collection and analysis of data. When a business sends a marketing email, they will often assess key analytics including how many times the email has been opened and how many clicks it received. 

However, the Odoo platform does not offer detailed analytics by default, making it impossible for those who use it for their marketing campaigns to make improvements based on actual data. We solved this issue by developing the Mailersend Outbound Email Gateway module. 

The Challenge

Our customer was sending emails via the Odoo built-in feature but had no way to tell if they had been delivered successfully. They also couldn’t tell whether the recipient of the email had opened it. This meant they were unable to be clear on whether their email campaigns were performing well or needed change. 

In addition to this, sending email campaigns via the Odoo platform was a relatively slow process. 

We were asked to create a solution that would offer users insight into their emails and speed up the process. 

The Solution

We rolled out the Mailersend Outbound Email Gateway module as a smarter, smoother way to send emails in Odoo, which also provides email tracking. The advanced analytics allow users to see info on the emails they send including showing when an email has been delivered, opened or failed (and the reason for failing). 

This provides helpful insight to those that use Odoo, showing where their email efforts are paying off and where they aren’t. 

How it Works

We developed this module to send emails through Odoo using Mailersend. Mailersend is more dependable and faster than the built-in Odoo feature. This makes it a much more robust choice for sending emails within the Odoo platform. 

Mailersend facilitates email tracking, showing when the email recipient receives and opens the email. An indicator of email status is shown by the envelope icon colour in the chatter next to the contact’s name as well as in the list of mail sent: 

  • Red: Did not send email
  • Orange: Partially sent email (Multiple recipients have been sent email but only some have received it)
  • Green: Sent email
  • Blue: Opened email

Email status via mailersend in odoo

What is Mailersend?

Mailersend is a service that offers inbound and outbound emails through their API.

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