Use Mailgun to Validate Email Addresses in Odoo

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Collecting and storing customer email addresses is a common practice in many businesses. Doing so allows these businesses to maintain contact with current and potential customers, increasing the chances of future sales. 

However, if that email information is incorrect due to mishearing or mistyping, then the opportunity to maintain contact can be lost. Ordinarily, this can only be fixed by calling the individual again and asking them to repeat the details – which takes time and is potentially embarrassing. 

We fixed this issue with the Mailgun Email Validation module. 

The Challange

If a customer’s email address is input into Odoo incorrectly it can be difficult to spot and time-consuming to fix. It can also lead to emails being sent to inactive or incorrect email addresses, making sales and marketing efforts futile. 

We were challenged to create a solution that would seamlessly let Odoo users validate an email address without the need to leave Odoo. 

The Solution

We developed and rolled out a new module that connects Mailgun email validation with Odoo, ensuring that emails stored in Odoo are valid – all without having to leave the platform. This allows users to quickly and easily remove fake or mistyped email address from their databases, keeping their data clean and of a high quality. In turn, this increases the likelihood of success with any email campaign.

How it Works

We developed this module to allow email validation with informative error messages in real-time. To use it, simply enter the email in the email field on the contact form and it will validate it for you.

Mailgun validate email in odoo

Visual Field Indications:

  • If the email is being validated, a yellow clock will appear next to the field
  • If the email entered is valid, a green tick will appear next to the field
  • If the email entered is invalid, a red cross will appear next to the field

Visual Banner Indications:

  • If the email entered is invalid, a red warning banner will be displayed at the top of the form, with an informative error message

invalid mailgun email in odoo

What is Mailgun?

Mailgun is a service that offers inbound and outbound emailing, as well as email validation, through their API.

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

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