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Your Go-To Odoo
UK Based Support

Here at Lean Easy we are passionate about making Odoo work harder for all businesses.

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Odoo powers our business

We practice what we preach and use Odoo, along with our apps and add-ons, in-house to make our own internal processes more efficient. Ultimately, this means we can get more done for our customers in less time, getting them what they need, when they need it, with a smaller investment. We take great pride in the work we do and don’t rest until our customer is happy and getting more out of the application.

Our Experience

Our team of experts have years of experience in working with the platform and we thrive on a culture which focuses on continuous improvement both internally and for our customers.

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Odoo UK Based Support and Development Near You

Unlike many others in the market, we are UK based. That means we are working when you are working. It also means that we can communicate more effectively with our customers – which we believe is a crucial part of properly understanding their challenges and finding them the very best solutions. Plus, it means you can always pop into our office when you have a complex problem. 

Implement Odoo with Our Team

You may not be using Odoo, yet are looking for an integrated platform to generate more time - and more sales. We can implement Odoo as a business solution, adding and customising its modular architecture to build you something great.

Support your Odoo with Our Team

Your business may already be using Odoo successfully, but need additional support to enhance, extend and improve business functionality. Lean Easy can support you and other Odoo partners.

Building websites for existing users of Odoo from provided wireframes

Businesses change, sales strategies shift. Your Odoo platform that you created three years ago may no longer carry the design elements or the functionalities that are now evident. We can develop a new website, based on your needs, with a platform that you’re already comfortable with.

Adapting websites functionality for new users of Odoo

Your website may not service the needs you now have as your business (and payroll) grows. A simple WordPress brochure website may no longer be fit for purpose as software and technology have advanced. We can migrate that data, those functions from an existing platform on to a new Odoo system that is future-proofed for your commercial growth.