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Odoo Website Themes

Odoo Website Themes are Responsive and Functional

Web design can be cumbersome, costly and time-consuming. With Lean Easy, though, website design is made much easier and here we will show how we can create bespoke website themes for your business.

Primarily, it’s worth noting that our website themes are responsive, offer optimal functionality and give you, the business owner, an endless choice of design and building blocks.

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Creating website themes

The first step is for you to show us what functions and design preferences you have for your new or existing website. You may want a complex ecommerce to handle orders, shipping, inventory and a team of 20 users from your organisation. You may have seen a design you already like.

Lean Easy doesn’t choose themes that suit us; we create website themes that suit you, your wireframe, your business needs and your branding.

Once our team have had a detailed discussion with you about website design, its functions, number of users etc, we get to work on transforming your design ideas or “wireframe”. Your wireframe will become a living, breathing website with the full modular support of Odoo.

The bespoke theme, created in collaboration with you, is installed on your domain and the database is propagated and readied for further customisation. Web Design Tools, like Edit, are fully integrated and we coach you on how to make changes to the front end or back end of your new digital showroom.

Alternatively, you can allow us to do that as your supportive digital partner.

User friendly interface

User-friendly Interface

We will demonstrate this in more detail as design progresses, but as a taster, here are some features:

A sidebar of tools and options will appear, allowing you to edit and customise from the front end. It is drag and drop. It is very user-friendly. You can edit and save blocks.

At first, blocks, styles, options may seem daunting but with practice and use, editing a website becomes easier. Clicking an area leads to editing capacity and what often pleases first time users of websites created by Lean Easy is that it comes with a database of royalty free images, that are compressed and optimised for search.

Your website design may begin with a large hero image - you (or we) can edit the titles, subtitles, calls to action, change padding, add scroll down buttons, as well as applying filters like you’d see on social media channels (for example, Instagram).

Each Odoo website theme is customisable

Lean Easy website design themes allows users to recolour blocks for branding. It offers inline editing. Shapes can be added, along with as much functionality as you need.

If your website needs a forum, you can add it. If you want to sell merchandise or offer subscriptions, we can add these too.

Arguably, the most impressive aspect of our Website Themes is the fact that they are fully integrated. Social Marketing, Recruitment, Events, Sales, Accounting, Marketing Automation, Inventory are all relatively easy to embed and integrate.

Web design possibilities with Lean Easy are seemingly endless with building blocks, which we will cover in more detail in Website Functionality .

Want to know more about our bespoke Lean Easy website themes?

Contact the Lean Easy team today.

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More About What We Do

module development

Odoo Apps

One size fits all is not the Lean Easy mantra. Absolutely not. We want to provide you with digital answers that solve your logistical questions. You may be already familiar with and using Odoo. You may want help in extending functionalities, integrating modules and using our knowledge and expertise in supporting business growth.

module customisation

Odoo Customisations

Odoo is built on modules. You may want new custom modules to improve payment options or your contact forms. You may want modules that create payment quotes for customers, based on what they tell you. You tell us what you need and we extend the hand of support with modules.

website development

Odoo Websites

You may already have a clear idea of what your website will look like. Your team may have already produced a scaffold, a wireframe to exemplify design elements and functionality. Our job is to take your wireframes and translate them into a digital entity that reflects your day to day, and long term, objectives and ambitions.