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Odoo Apps

At the risk of sounding akin to a stuck record, we will repeat that Odoo is built with apps. When talking in technical terms Odoo apps will sometimes be reffered to as modules, highlighting Odoo's modular framework.

Because its architecture is so well-integrated and apps talk to, and work seamlessly with, each other, it behaves like model neighbours or employees, Lean Easy can develop full, standalone apps within the system.

Odoo app Computer

Even apps that don’t exist within Odoo.

Our point, at Lean Easy, is that your business operations, your pinch points have uniqueness. A “one size fits all” model may satisfy 50% of company needs, but it may not. Rather than shoehorn in a ready-made app that may partly satisfy your wants, we prefer to look at it a different way, a better way, dare we say?

You tell us what you want and we develop a full, standalone app within the system.

Briefly, as we outline these in more detail here, we can create apps for any scenario. You want a chat / discuss function that is bespoke for your company? Let us create one. You need an inventory app that goes beyond a supply list? Let us create one.

Because the apps are essentially code, the Lean Easy development team can create functions that you want to see in place, not what suits us and our abilities.

bespoke track record

We've a track record too with bespoke standalone apps.

Other companies, including our sister company, have trusted us to develop apps from the ground up.

These full, standalone apps blend seamlessly within your existing or new system. They are powerful in that they extend core functionality.

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More About What We Do

module customisation

Odoo Customisations

Odoo is built on modules. You may want new custom modules to improve payment options or your contact forms. You may want modules that create payment quotes for customers, based on what they tell you. You tell us what you need and we extend the hand of support with modules.

website development

Odoo Websites

You may already have a clear idea of what your website will look like. Your team may have already produced a scaffold, a wireframe to exemplify design elements and functionality. Our job is to take your wireframes and translate them into a digital entity that reflects your day to day, and long term, objectives and ambitions.