Use Mailercheck to Validate Email Addresses in Odoo

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Collecting and storing email addresses is a common practice for lots of business purposes ranging from marketing to customer relationship management. However, it can be easy to mishear or mistype an email address when noting it down over the phone. 

So, we created the Mailercheck Email Validation module to remedy this issue. 

The Challenge

Our customers know the value of quality data. For example, if you fail to note down an email address correctly it can mean you lose contact with a potentially profitable customer. To remedy this, ordinarily, a business would need to call back the customer and try to take the email address again. 

This is time-consuming and can cause embarrassment – so we were asked to develop a smart way to validate email addresses right from within Odoo. 

The Solution

We developed a module that ensures that all emails stored in Odoo are valid – all without the need to leave Odoo to validate them. This saves our customers time and ensures that any fake or wrong email addresses can be quickly identified, removed and updated. 

The big benefit of this module is that it drastically increases the success rate of sales and marketing email campaigns. 

How it Works

We developed this module to allow email validation with informative error messages in real-time. Simply enter the email in the email field on the Contact form, and it will validate it for you.

Validated Email in odoo via mailercheck

Visual Field Indications:

  • If the email is being validated, a yellow clock will appear next to the field
  • If the email entered is valid, a green tick will appear next to the field
  • If the email entered is invalid, a red cross will appear next to the field

Visual Banner Indications:

  • If the email entered is invalid, a red warning banner will be displayed at the top of the form, with an informative error message

Invalid email within odoo via mailercheck

What is Mailercheck?

Mailercheck is a service that offers email validation through their API to ensure the emails that you are using are always deliverable.

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

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