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Odoo Customisation

Customisation is the action of modifying something to suit a particular individual or task. Odoo customisation is simply the act of modifying modules. We say simply, when in reality modifying modules can be more of a challenge than creating afresh.

The starting point with Odoo customisation is not what we can do, but, rather, what you want a module to do. As a user of Odoo, we ask you to identify preferences and we then change, modify and adapt that to suit your needs.

Odoo module customisation

Customisation and personalisation

Customisation is not, however, personalisation and many use the two terms synonymously. They do have overlapping similarities but also distinct differences. We think, at Lean Easy, from our experiences of Odoo customisation that there are clear examples to define each.

Take Netflix. Or indeed social media channels.

When you sign up for Netflix, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, the platforms ask you to identify preferences. Options are then displayed that are customised for your preferences. Adverts on Google and Facebook work in a similar way - by hiding an ad, you are customising your experience on both platforms and dictating what you are likely to see on other websites.

Personalisation uses data trawls to identify and increase relevancy for the consumer. These often result in you receiving digital messages like email campaigns based on personal data.

Odoo customisation

Lean Easy specialise in Odoo Customisation

In broad terms, this means that Lean Easy modifies, improves and streamlines existing Odoo modules or existing bespoke modules.

In business terms, this means we offer you Odoo customisation for organising and developing your business workflow.

In granular terms, this means that we can customise any aspect of business management.

How do we do this?

  1. At the outset, you talk to Lean Easy. We listen. You tell us about current workflow processes, issues and challenges. We listen, then study and analyse your Odoo customisation needs.
  2. We customise existing Odoo modules or bespoke modules to suit your business needs and solve your pain points. 
  3. You are provided with a cost estimate along with an estimate of the timeline for delivery. 
  4. After client approval, we test each module thoroughly to see that it works correctly and does what it needs to do.
  5. A requirement analysis and implementation lead us to a comparative analysis. What was happening before and what has changed, following Odoo customisation? Is the new functionality aligned with solving your business challenges?
  6. Only then are customised modules delivered and integrated for your business. 

Odoo customisation is client-centred

Lean Easy understands implicitly that Odoo customisation is all about you. You and your business needs. It’s not about what we can do, it’s about what you need a module to do. Our UK-based technical team of coding experts can create new modules and modify, adapt and customise existing ones to satisfy and exceed your organisational requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about Odoo Customisation.

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