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Achieve Optimal Functionality With Your Odoo Website

Sometimes your Odoo website can't do everything you want it to, but here at Lean Easy we can change that.

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A Website With Functionality That Grows With Your Business.

As businesses grow and their needs are likely to change. This often leads to websites needing changes which can be time-consuming, expensive and arduous tasks, while trying to run a business. Businesses that grow too quickly, need to make these changes to avoid the risk of seriously impacting their profits and long-term success.

Ease Your Websites Growing Pains.

We work with our clients to help remove these growing pains.

This is achieved in two ways:

Firstly, we ensure that when we create websites on Odoo, we take the time to fully consider potential future needs and, where possible, build this functionality pre-emptively.

Secondly, we work seamlessly behind the scenes to improve, build on or add required functionality.

The possibilities of what we can do are practically endless and can include anything from creating extended contact forms to creating bespoke menu designs.

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More About What We Do

module development

Odoo Apps

One size fits all is not the Lean Easy mantra. Absolutely not. We want to provide you with digital answers that solve your logistical questions. You may be already familiar with and using Odoo. You may want help in extending functionalities, integrating modules and using our knowledge and expertise in supporting business growth.

module customisation

Odoo Customisations

Odoo is built on modules. You may want new custom modules to improve payment options or your contact forms. You may want modules that create payment quotes for customers, based on what they tell you. You tell us what you need and we extend the hand of support with modules.

website development

Odoo Websites

You may already have a clear idea of what your website will look like. Your team may have already produced a scaffold, a wireframe to exemplify design elements and functionality. Our job is to take your wireframes and translate them into a digital entity that reflects your day to day, and long term, objectives and ambitions.