Processing Supplier Payments In Odoo

Paying suppliers is an essential, yet cumbersome task for many businesses. Using a smart tool to deal with this business process can be a good way to save time and money. Although Odoo does offer tools for processing supplier payments, these tools don’t fully support the processes of some businesses. 

We developed the Supplier Payment Processing module to offer businesses in this situation everything they need for seamless supplier payment processing. 

The Challenge

Our customer asked us to help them find a solution for better supplier payment processing in Odoo. The default setting on the platform didn’t work in a way that worked for them, as they would have to manually filter the record to show the ones they wanted to process and then go through the steps of the wizard. 

The customer also wanted greater control, so asked to be able to export the data, allowing them to easily pay the supplier later after they have processed the payment. 

The Solution

We built the Supplier Payment Processing module to make it easier for our customer to process payments. They can use the module to quickly select and process supplier payments based on a given date range. The module also allows them to easily export the data into an Excel spreadsheet, making it easy to send the money to the supplier from the bank portal. 

Ultimately, the module reduces the time it takes to process supplier payments. 

How it Works

The module makes it effortless to process supplier payments. It does this by offering users the ability to process payments within a selected date range. Then, once those payments have been processed, they will automatically be exported into an Excel spreadsheet showing how much each supplier needs to be paid - making paying them quick and easy.

supplier payments in odoo

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

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