Matching Supplier Invoices In Odoo

Dealing with supplier invoicing can be a long-winded task. This is especially true if you don’t have a specialist tool to support your processes. Although Odoo does offer users a way to deal with supplier invoicing, it doesn’t necessarily allow businesses to do things the way they always have. 

So, we developed the Supplier Invoice Matching module to help overcome this issue. 

The Challenge 

Our customer approached us to help them overcome several issues they were having with their supplier invoicing. 

They wanted to be able to use Odoo to execute their supplier invoicing processes, but when using Odoo, it didn’t allow them to enforce users to perform certain actions or check information. This was leading to potentially costly errors being made. 

The Solution 

We built the Supplier Invoice Matching module to give our customer the tools they need to overcome these challenges. This allowed our customer to continue using Odoo for the majority of their business processes, saving them time and money. 

How it Works 

We created this module to add special tools and features to supplier invoicing. The main focus of these tools is ensuring that information on each invoice received matches the information from an automatically generated invoice which is created when goods are received. If a match is not made, it will be moved back into a draft state whilst it is amended.

invoice matching screen in odoo

Once an invoice has been amended it will then need to be approved by a manager before it is posted.

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

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