Manage Approvals In Odoo Comunity

In order to maintain consistency, some business processes must be authorised by managers or higher-ups before that process can be continued. However, Odoo does not offer this level of control by default. So, we created the Approvals module to solve this issue. 

The Challenge 

Our customer wanted a greater level of control over business processes which were being carried out in Odoo. So, they asked us to create a module that would allow them to approve or deny certain actions by normal users on the platform. 

The Solution

We built the Approvals module to make it easy for our customer to control which processes normal Odoo users can complete. This is achieved by allowing those with the correct permission to approve or deny all internal processes. 

The module is extremely easy to add to and extend when compared to hardcoded approvals. It also logs a record of each approach, so if an action is ever wrongly approved, there is a record of who approved it. 

How it Works 

The module works by making it easy for those with the correct permissions to approve or deny certain actions. You can also create multiple rules, as well as selecting which of those rules to apply to which users before a given action can be completed. 

Approval requests in odoo

These rules can be based on a particular field within the model you are making rules for. In addition, if only one user is required to approve an approval and they are an approver, then they are automatically approved to complete that action.

Approval rule in odoo

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

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