Managing Your Customer's Credit in Odoo

Offering customers credit is an established part of doing business. However, managing multiple credit accounts can be tricky, especially when you aren’t using an advanced tool to do so. 

By default, Odoo doesn’t offer a way to manage customers’ credit accounts. We solved this issue by developing the feature-rich Credit Manager Module.

The challenge

Our customer approached us with a challenge. Although they were using a credit manager module, it only allowed them to deal with invoices that were overdue and credit limits if their customer had a credit account. They wanted a smarter, smoother way to manage credit accounts. 

They also wanted greater control over who they offered credit. So, they asked to create a system that would check customers against specific rules in order to qualify them for a credit account. 

Finally, they asked us to create a way to automatically send account statements to customers at the end of each month and send reminder emails for customers that still had outstanding invoices. They also needed a way to prevent the sales department from creating a new sales order if the customer had overdue invoices.

The solution

We created the Credit Manager Module to help our customer overcome these issues. The purpose of this module is to make it easy to: 

  • Keep track of all customer accounts 
  • Check whether a customer meets the requirements for a credit account 
  • Automatically account statements at the end of each month 
  • Send overdue invoice reminders 
  • Prevent further orders on credit for customers with overdue invoices (unless overridden by a manager) 

This module works seamlessly to help companies keep on top of customer accounts. It also makes it easy to check customer eligibility for credit with editable parameters such as minimum orders in a period OR minimum order value in a period.

How it works

The Credit Manager module works by making it easy to manage accounts for every customer in the Odoo system. Users can start by opening the module and setting requirements for customer credit accounts in general setting. This ensures that customers are only approved for credit when they meet those requirements. 

The dashboard included in the module offers a single view of customer credit accounts, making it easy to identify outstanding invoices and amounts due. Finally, the module works seamlessly behind the scenes sending automatic updates on accounts to customers at the end of the month as well as sending automatic reminders for overdue invoices.

credit manager in odoo

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

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