Manage Your Business Issues With Ease in Odoo

Dealing with business issues is a part of day-to-day life. From suppliers not delivering what they promised to customers receiving orders with products missing, there is always a challenge to overcome.

Businesses that proactively record these challenges benefit in two ways. Firstly, they are able to overcome the issues more efficiently and keep track of important issues that need to be resolved. Secondly, it allows them to notice potential weaknesses in the business and seek out remedies.

Yet few businesses have a proper system for storing these issues, so we created the Odoo Business Issue module to help.

The challenge

Our customer asked us to help them create a better process for managing business issues. They were currently using a cumbersome and time-consuming process where an employee would record any business issues in an Excel spreadsheet. This approach means that the customer was duplicating data from Odoo to the spreadsheet and then using the spreadsheet to keep track of the issues at hand. 

This was a long process that opened considerable room for error.

The solution

We created the Business Issue Management module to offer Odoo users a central location for managing all business issues. 

The module makes it easy to record the progress of business issues with clear visual representations. This approach not only made it simple for our customer to manage issues, but also made it much quicker to identify common recurring issues and put in place remedies.

How it works

The module is simple to use and offers an easy way to track and record business issues within Odoo. Ultimately this module helps businesses see any recurring issues whether they be with suppliers or their own processes, making it a powerful tool for business improvement.

Business issue management in odoo 

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