Managing Shipments in Odoo Made Easy

Unless a business is 100% service-based, they are likely to have at least some requirement to send packages to their customers. Typically, employees will write down shipping information on paper, which will then be scanned or filed away somewhere - making it difficult to find for future reference or if the customer wants an update. 

We solved this challenge with our Shipment Manager module.

The challenge

Our customer approached us with a challenge. They didn't have any set process in place for keeping a record of shipment processes. This made it difficult for them to track all information about shipments as they would struggle to find shipment information - if the shipment information was recorded at all. 

In addition, Odoo has no built-in way to group multiple delivery orders together and send them all on one shipment consignment. This makes shipping both time-consuming and costly. 

Finally, if a customer contacted our customer to ask for an update on their delivery, our customer would then have to go through the time-consuming process of manually searching through paper files to find the tracking link. 

We were asked to make this process smoother, more efficient and less frustrating.

The solution

We developed the Shipment Manager module to overcome this challenge. The main purpose of this module is to make it easier to keep a record of all shipments sent out to customers. It also makes it significantly easier to easily store and find carrier tracking numbers and to perform validation on what carriers can be used based on package weight, length, width and height. 

The module also allows users to group multiple delivery orders into one consignment. When using the module customers will automatically receive an email or SMS message when their shipment is out for delivery. This communication includes key information such as a tracking link, expected delivery time or instructions on how and where to collect their order from. 

Ultimately this module allows our customer to implement a shipping process that significantly reduces the need to manually write and scan any shipping information. It also reduces the time it takes to find information that a customer may request such as order tracking numbers.

How it works

The module works by allowing users to keep track of all their important shipment information. It also makes it easy to notify customers if there is an opportunity to consign multiple orders to one shipment using a banner displayed at the top of the page. 

It allows customers to seamlessly filter out carriers based on the package type. Making it quicker and easier to give accurate delivery costs and set expectations. Finally, the module will automatically send customers an SMS or email with all their order details, reducing the need for customer communication.

Shipment management in odoo

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