Manage Customer Enquiries Efficiently in Odoo

All businesses receive enquires in some shape or form. These enquires can offer considerable profit for businesses that have the processes in place to deal with them. However, many companies face a high risk of low efficiency and potential error due to data duplication and a lack of validation. 

We solved this issue by developing our Enquires Manager module.

The challenge

Our customer approached us to help them create a better way of dealing with enquires. 

Their current process focused on taking enquires through phone calls and emails. They would then log into an Excel spreadsheet and record the information received. With some salespeople taking notes via pen and paper for phone enquires, this left considerable room for error. These errors would then need to be corrected later via a follow-up phone call. 

This approach was time-consuming and potentially embarrassing for the business. 

We were asked to create a better solution.

The solution

 We created a module that unifies all the tasks completed by a salesperson into one dedicated space in Odoo. This means that when a salesperson received an enquiry over the phone they can easily log the information into Odoo in real-time - avoiding the need to enter the information more than once. 

When an email enquiry is received via the enquiry form on the website, it automatically creates the enquiry for the salesperson on Odoo. This means that the salesperson doesn't need to invest time into recording the information and can instead focus on delivering a quote. 

Once the quote has been approved, it automatically generates a custom-styled PDF which can then be sent to the customer. 

This approach cuts the time that salespeople have to spend on manual tasks, freeing up their time to focus on revenue-generating activities instead.

How it works

This module makes it simple for salespeople to generate enquires within Odoo. It also allows advanced functionality such as price breaks where discounts are automatically applied to bulk order enquires. Using the module streamlines the quotation process by creating a custom PDF quote once a price has been confirmed by a manager.

Enquiry management in odoo

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