Dealing With Customer's Questions in Odoo, The Organised Way.

Dealing with customer questions is a common aspect of any modern business. However, some businesses do not have a dedicated tool for dealing with these queries, often leading to considerable time being wasted on recording and replying to them.

We fixed this by creating the Helpdesk Odoo module.

The challenge

Our customer got in touch to ask if we could help them find a better way to deal with customer questions. 

We discovered that their current process involved considerable effort. When a customer reached out via email with a question about their order, an employee would have to manually enter all the information from the email into a spreadsheet. This led to two potential areas for errors to occur - when copying the information from the email to the spreadsheet and then when inputting the data back into an email once the issue has been resolved. 

Using both Odoo and a spreadsheet also led to duplicated efforts. 

Needless to say, this method of dealing with questions was time-consuming.

The solution

We created the Odoo Helpdesk to make it easy to deal with customer queries. The module allows users to create and manage support tickets. This made it easier to link different models to the support ticket and remove the need to copy data.

Taking this approach made the process of dealing with customer enquires much quicker and easier, as well as reducing the potential of data input errors.

How it works

The Helpdesk module works by making it easier to deal with customer questions. It offers an area in Odoo where users can keep track of support tickets and see key information such as reference number, priority, status, customer, related business category and the date the ticket was created. 

The module also allows users to reply to customers directly from within Odoo, further saving time.

Customer help desk in odoo 

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