How to set contacts as default followers for a model

It is important that some contacts of a customer are notified when certain actions are undertaken within a business. Using its default settings, there is no way in Odoo to specify the default followers of a record for a certain type of model. 

We solved this issue by developing the Default Followers module.

The challenge

Our customer came to us with a challenge. When they sent an email to their customer, they needed specific individuals attached to the customer to also receive a notification that the email had been sent. Although it was possible for them to set this up in Odoo, it was a time-consuming task which required each follower to be added manually. 

We were asked to fix this.

The solution

We developed the Default Followers module to help our customer overcome this issue. 

The module allows users to easily select contacts within a partner to always be added as a follower if the partner is added to a certain model. 

This approach drastically reduces wasted time in users manually adding followers. It also ensures that all followers are correctly added to the relevant models and receive the correct emails 100% of the time, saving potentially embarrassing mistakes.

How it works

The module works by allowing users to select certain contacts within a partner to automatically be added as a follower to specific types of models. For example, if you have a contact that always deals with invoices, when a partner has an invoice created for them, the partner’s contact will automatically be added as a follower. 

This approach ensures that the partner's contact will receive all relevant notifications and emails automatically.

A Model for default followers in odoo

 contact form in odoo with default followers

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