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Reconciling bank statements can be a time consuming and costly process for businesses. This is especially true for businesses that reconcile bank statements against partners and internal Odoo models. We solved this issue by developing the Bank Statement Matching Rules module.

The Challenge

We were approached by our customers to help them overcome the challenge of time-consuming bank statement reconciliation. They were finding that their current process of manually matching bank statements which were imported to a partner and then reconciled against an Odoo model was taking considerable time and money to complete.

We created the Bank Statment Matching Rules module to help overcome this. 

The Solution

The solution we developed drastically speeds up the bank statement reconciliation process. It offers users a way to seamlessly match partners within Odoo to bank statements imported into Odoo. It also performs reconciliation automatically if there is a valid partner match. 

On occasions where there is not a valid partner match, it will create a suggestion. When the suggestion is confirmed it will then match that suggestion against all future bank statements that are imported. 

This module saves our customers a vast amount of time in comparison to manually matching bank statements. It also removes the need to reconcile bank statements against an internal Odoo model. 

How it Works

This module works by automating partner matching for bank statements, once the suggested rules have been accepted or created. It also allows users to reconcile their bank statements against another internal Odoo model. This saves a vast amount of time for our customer, improving the company’s accounting efficiency.

Automatic reconciliation rules in odoo

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