Accounting Reconciliation in Odoo Community 14 and 15

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As platforms such as Odoo develop it is natural for them to move helpful, advanced functionality from their free version to a paid, enterprise version. This is exactly what happened to the accounting reconciliation functionality when Odoo upgraded from ‘Odoo 13 community edition’ to their ‘Odoo 14 community addition’. 

This meant users had to choose between three options:

  1. Continue to use the outdated community edition
  2. Move to the new community addition and lose accounting reconciliation functionality
  3. Pay for a premium version of Odoo

Most users opted for option one. However, this meant they missed out on the advanced functionality of version 14. 

We solved this with our Community Accounting Reconciliation module.

The Challenge

After Odoo released an update that meant accounting reconciliation was no longer included in the community edition of Odoo, our customer decided to continue using the outdated version in order to keep the functionality. This meant they missed out on some helpful new features included in the new version.

So, they asked us to come up with a solution. 

The Solution

We developed a module that recreated Odoo’s Accounting Reconciliation module. However, we also took the opportunity to add new functionality which made the process of reconciliation faster and smoother. For example, we introduced the ability to be able to post by line in the statement instead of having to post by statement. We also enabled users to import bank statements and rolled out an internal transfer feature to move money from one journal to another seamlessly. 

Ultimately this allows users to use the newer (14) Odoo version whilst maintaining the functionality they rely on.

How it Works

The module works much in the same way that accounting reconciliation worked in the older (13) Odoo community edition. However, it also offers users advanced functionality that speeds up the process of reconciliation and saves users considerable time.

Account Reconciliation in Odoo Community Account Reconciliation in Odoo Community

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