Align Odoo's Inventory Process With Your Inventory Process

Managing inventory is an occasionally complex task. Using a smart piece of software like Odoo can make it considerably easier and less time-consuming. However, if the default inventory management settings in Odoo don’t fit with your established process, this can be problematic. 

We built the Inventory Extended module to overcome this.

The Challenge 

Our customer came to us to help them solve a challenge. 

They wanted to use Odoo to help manage their inventory process, but the tools it gave them didn’t fit with their current process. This either meant they couldn’t use the platform or would need to adapt their process. 

We built a module that let them use Odoo and keep using their current inventory process. 

The Solution

We built the Inventory Extended module to allow customers to use Odoo for their inventory management process, bringing it in line with their established way of doing things. This meant they could continue to use Odoo for a wide range of business processes including inventory management - resulting in drastically increased efficiency. 

How it Works 

This module changes the Kanban view, so it now displays Kanban cards in columns in reference to the date as well as adding additional information on the Kanban card itself (such as whether it is required by a certain date or whether notes are included). 

Modified inventory kanban screen in odoo

Additionally, we have added functionality to part and fully ship delivery orders and part and fully receive receipts. 

Modified inventory form in odoo

We also added wizards for shipping and receipts to force users to follow our customer’s business process for managing inventory. Finally, we have updated the delivery order report to be in line with our customer’s reporting style.

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

We are a UK based Odoo development team specialising in Python, PostgreSQL, JavaScript and XML. We can supply bespoke Odoo solutions including modules, customisations and website themes. We have worked closely with other companies and look forward to working with you, so feel free to get in touch with any questions or bespoke requests.