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DXF is a common file format that is used by many businesses in the engineering and manufacturing space. These files are usually used to show drawings of products that will go on to be manufactured. 

There was no way for our customers to view DXF files within Odoo, meaning they needed to leave Odoo in order to complete any DXF related tasks. So, we developed a specialist DXF Preview module to remedy this.

Below we detail the challenge posed to us by our customer and how we solved it…

The Challenge

Our customers use Odoo to help them manage projects and workflow. This means that they often attach DXF drawings onto records within the platform. However, for a user to view that file they would need to download it from Odoo and then reopen it away from the platform. 

Ultimately this process both frustrates users and wastes time. So, we decided to fix it. 

The Solution

A simple solution to a potentially frustrating issue, we worked to develop a module that allows internal Odoo users to preview DXF documents. This means they no longer need to download the file and leave the platform in order to view it. 

Users can now view DXF files the same way PDFs are viewed on Odoo. 

How it Works

DXF is a CAD data file format developed by Autodesk. DXF files make it possible to share drawing data and text-based formats across different CAD applications. Users can now simply click on a DXF file to view it on Odoo. This works much in the same way as a PDF preview.

DXF being previewed in Odoo

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