Organise Shared Email Addresses in Odoo

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To improve communications, businesses will often create shared mailboxes for their departments, teams and functions. For example, your business may have a dedicated sales or marketing mailbox, they may also have a shared mailbox for all those involved with specific projects. 

By default, Odoo does not provide a way to store these email addresses against your company without creating a company contact – which is not the intended use of this function. 

We solved this by developing the Shared Mailbox module. 

The Challenge

Although Odoo does allow users to store email addresses against your company, this could only be done by saving several company emails under ‘person’ contacts for emails such as ‘’. This approach can cause confusion as these contacts for the company would appear as individual people rather than a group. 

We were asked to find a better solution to this requirement.

The Solution

We launched the shared mailbox module to allow users to separate shared email addresses in a company from other contacts. This allows users to create shared email address contact types that differ from regular contact types. Ultimately, this prevents potential errors when selecting a company contact in a form view. It also means users can send emails to shared emails, increasing the chances of a timely reply.

How it Works

We developed a module that creates a contact type for a shared mailbox, allowing users to add generic email accounts to a company, such as

Generic Email contact in odoo

This approach helps differentiate between the several types of contacts for a partner. It also prevents any generic contacts from being added which could show up in the selection of a partner’s contact on a form view.

Shared mailbox contact in odoo

Additionally, if you are sending an email and know it is for the accounts department, for example, instead of sending it to a contact who is in the accounts department, you can send it to the accounts shared mailbox email. 

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

We are a UK based Odoo development team specialising in Python, PostgreSQL, JavaScript and XML. We can supply bespoke Odoo solutions including modules, customisations and website themes. We have worked closely with other companies and look forward to working with you, so feel free to get in touch with any questions or bespoke requests.