How to Easily Create a Website FAQ Page in Odoo

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FAQs are an essential part of any modern business website. They allow customers to quickly find answers to and queries they may have and in turn saves businesses time and money on having to answer these questions over and over again. However, by default Odoo does not allow you easily create a FAQ page for your website. 

We solved this challenge by creating the Website FAQ module. 

The Challenge

Our customer wanted to benefit from an FAQ page on their website. However, they didn’t want the hassle of having to manually enter information any time the page needed updating. They also wanted a way to easily import and export questions and answers to make it easier to keep the page relevant and up to date.

The Solution

We created the Website FAQ module to make it easy to create frequently asked question pages on your website within Odoo. The user can easily and quickly edit their question within Odoo which will then update instantly on the website. The module also allows users to import and export their questions and answers with ease, this allows the user to quickly mass update multiple questions and answers at the same time.

How it Works

We developed a module to add the FAQ page to the website, as well as creating an effortless way to import and export FAQ questions and answers. When a new entry for the FAQ page has been entered, it will automatically update the website with the new entry. 

FAQ Page in odoo

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

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