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Just like all advanced applications, Odoo does occasionally turn up a bug that needs remedying. As we are committed to getting all issues, however small, fixed in the quickest possible time – we created the User Support module. 

Below we offer up a quick overview of how the need for this module came about and how the module works…

The Challenge

On occasion, our customers come across small bugs in the Odoo as with all software. As this platform is all about increasing productivity, we take fixing these bugs quickly and efficiently very seriously. But there is one problem… 

We can’t fix bugs until we know about them. 

Originally, we would only hear about bugs in one of two ways. Either a customer would need to open Microsoft Teams and send us a message detailing the bug. Alternatively, they would need to physically come into the office to inform our development team of the issue. 

Needless to say, this was both inefficient and slow – which is far from ideal when our customers want to be getting on with what truly matters to them.

The Solution

In order to fix this issue, we committed to building a dedicated module that allows customers to quickly and easily report bugs to their development team. The new module also doubles as a new feature request feed, meaning that anything a customer needs can be reported directly from within the application. 

We wanted to keep the new module simple so it didn’t overcomplicate the bug reporting process. 

Customers can quickly type up a summary of the bug or required feature within Odoo. Once sent it is delivered directly to the email inbox of the development team, ready to be picked up and actioned.

How it Works 

When a customer finds a bug or has a new feature request, they can submit it via the User Support module. Both bug reports and feature requests are sent directly from the module via email to any email input into general settings (usually a dedicated development team email). 

Users can include a text summary of the bug as well as a screenshot to help illustrate the issue.

Form to report a bug in odoo 

The module also provides two buttons that allows users to seamlessly view the bug in Odoo and mark it as complete once a remedy has been applied.

Email of a bug reported

To speed up the process we also rolled out a feature that allows for automatic bug reporting when a generic Odoo error message appears. Within the automatic report, the user can include details of what they were trying to do when the error appeared, what happened and what they expected to happen in order to help pinpoint why the bug was caused. 

Report bug button on odoo error

Finally, the module also offers a quick and simple visual representation of bug report progress so users can keep on top of how things are going. 

Kanban of bugs in odoo

Any Questions or Need a Custom Bespoke Module?

We are a UK based Odoo development team specialising in Python, PostgreSQL, JavaScript and XML. We can supply bespoke Odoo solutions including modules, customisations and website themes. We have worked closely with other companies and look forward to working with you, so feel free to get in touch with any questions or bespoke requests.